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Personal Budgets

A Personal Budget can be created by the places that support you, by working out how much money they spend on your support. For example, they might look at how much it costs to pay for someone to give you extra support at school or college or someone to help you with speaking and communicating.

A Personal Budget is money that is used to pay for some of the support needs that have been identified as part of your Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). You can use a Personal Budget in different ways. Sometimes your parents, the local authority, your school or college can look after your Personal Budget for you.

The local authority is sometimes called ‘the council’. They decide how to spend the money for your support. Sometimes you can get the money yourself and work out how you want to spend it on your support. You do not have to have one. It is up to you.

You or your parents can ask for a Personal Budget when your Education, Health and Care plan is being written or is under review, which means it is being checked. Sometimes the people who run the local authority or the health services will say no. They must tell you why they cannot give you a Personal Budget.

If you need help understanding Personal Budgets or are not sure if you can ask for one, you can talk to RIASS and we can help you.

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