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Educational Health Care Plan

An Education, Health and Care plan (EHC plan) is a legal document that describes your child’s special educational needs (SEN)and explains the support they need, to reach their outcomes.

EHC plans are for children and young people whose special educational needs (SEN) require more help than would normally be provided in a mainstream education setting (a college, school, nursery).

The special educational provision described in an EHC plan must be provided by the child or young person’s local authority (“LA”). This means an EHC plan can give a child or young person extra educational support. It can also give parents and young people more choice about which school or other setting the child or young person can attend.

EHC plans are for children and young people who need a high level of support. The plans can start from a child’s birth and continue into further education and training until they reach the age of 25.

RIASS can provide support and advice with all aspects of an EHC plan including

  • How to request an EHC Needs Assessment
  • Explaining panel decisions
  • Co-production meetings
  • Mediation and Conciliation
  • Annual Reviews
  • Appeals
  • Support to Tribunal

The sections that must be included in an EHC plan are:

  1. The views, interests and aspirations of you and your child.
  2. Special educational needs (SEN).
  3. Health needs related to SEN.
  4. Social care needs related to SEN.
  5. Outcomes - how the extra help will benefit your child
  6. Special educational provision (support).
  7. Health provision.
  8. Social care provision.
  9. Placement - type and name of school or other institution (blank in the draft plan (link to info about  draft plan))
  10. Personal budget arrangements.
  11. Advice and information - a list of the information gathered during the EHC needs assessment.

The plan must be reviewed once a year. At the end of each review the Local Authority must let you know if they have decided to amend the plan, leave it unchanged or stop it completely.

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