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Starting Secondary School

It is a good idea to visit as many different types of school as possible, so that you can see what is available and decide what features you think are important and which setting can offer the right environment for your needs.

Some students may go into special schools who may be already in mainstream schools. This is ok as these special schools will be able to help you more with your SEN.

Moving into secondary school (Year 7) can feel scary.  It’s natural to feel nervous on your first day and you can bet that everyone else will be feeling the same.  Watch the video below to see young people talk about their experiences when starting secondary school.

Find Your Feet

Video transcript

00:01 what kind of thing do you associate with 00:03 worry equity wouldn't you get worried 00:05 about stress and guilt you feel guilty 00:12 did any of you guys kind of feel worried 00:15 at the beginning of yeah yeah but then 00:17 now it's okay no one's worried about 00:19 getting booty but it's fine it's not 00:21 like no I 00:22 I think everyone's in the same boat as 00:23 you something yeah I think that's what 00:26 you think that's when you look forget 00:31 that everyone in your year is also new 00:33 so it's like they've been hearing you're 00:35 suddenly there at first I think it's 00:39 more like everyone's kind of friendly in 00:43 the school so you just really have to 00:47 talk to the person get along with them 00:49 and then you start to slowly becoming 00:51 friends it was like with me my friends 00:53 and then you start to make groups and 00:55 stuff just really cool she whether you 00:58 like the person or not just kind of ask 01:01 them questions ask them the names get 01:04 the personal information and then you 01:06 start to slowly they both ask you 01:08 questions back and then you start to 01:10 become friends with back through them 01:14 but it's different to when when you were 01:16 in year six because obviously in your 01:19 six you do get homework but not as much 01:22 as it year seven cuz you have lots of 01:24 different subjects and not an evening 01:27 that you had in primary school so you 01:30 get a lot more homework but it's not 01:33 that like really a lot it's just and you 01:37 have to be like more organized with 01:39 everything because you it's like me 01:42 because I in primary school is like more 01:44 relaxed in this phase of being different 01:49 and fitting in and being solitude the 01:53 fear of getting bullied not making 01:57 friends and more work 02:05 hello this is a ji Nisa 02:07 reporting from Valentine's high school 02:09 so Jin add tennis is there anything 02:12 holding you back just that it's it's 02:16 into its intimidating that everyone else 02:18 has already found a friend and so 02:20 quickly and I still don't know where I 02:22 fit in and you know like everyone they 02:27 seem to already be like so happy with 02:29 their friends and I don't want to just 02:30 intrude and say all right right she'll 02:36 tell us how do you feel um I'm just kind 02:39 of what they think of me because my 02:40 first impressions are really important 02:43 to me good afternoon this is the 12 02:45 o'clock news and we are going live to 02:48 the playground for an exclusive 02:50 interview hi this is Aisha I'm at the 02:54 playground with Jay Jay is there 02:55 anything need to say to someone who's 02:57 being bullied just just tell someone 03:02 about how you feel now backwards aid and 03:09 the weather yes 03:12 I'm now here with the weather at 12 03:15 o'clock at night in the morning tonight 03:18 there will be very very big storms so I 03:21 suggest everyone close your windows now 03:25 for the sport news Jessica Ennis has 03:28 beaten the world record for jumping over 03:30 the pole thingy and Alex Ferguson has 03:36 finally retired after 55 years 03:51 [Music] 03:58 good afternoon and welcome to what News 04:00 Network what this means today we have an 04:03 exclusive news report about the fear of 04:05 year-seven 04:06 first up we're going to discuss the fear 04:09 of getting lost hi I'm JJ and I'm in the 04:12 playground and I am lost no you're not 04:15 you and the astroturf cheers Etana 04:17 nothing what is it for like to get lost 04:20 in school well obviously it doesn't feel 04:22 good because you're gonna be late to 04:23 your lesson but there are always people 04:25 to support you and tell you where things 04:26 are hmm so what kind of students do when 04:29 they're lost you can always ask your 04:31 teacher they're always all around the 04:33 school if it's like your first weeks 04:35 they'll be fine if you're a bit late to 04:36 your lesson because you lost your way 04:38 Thank You Ratana back to the studio next 04:42 up fear of workloads now correspondent 04:44 in the library tell us Nisha how did you 04:47 feel about the amount of work he'd 04:48 receive in year 7 well I was very 04:50 concerned that I would get so much and I 04:54 would never be able to time myself so 04:56 what would you say to people to put 04:58 their minds at ease 04:59 well I'd say like don't stress out about 05:01 it and there's always people who'd give 05:04 you advice thanks Nisha back to you guys 05:06 in the studio let's talk about this 05:09 week's fake news soon as one of their 05:11 phones during Mass and emojis came to 05:13 life aliens invade the staff room 05:15 although that might just be the teachers 05:18 OH 05:19 news just in it Allah is in the canteen 05:22 talking about making friends thank you 05:25 and now here's Maleeha her biggest fear 05:27 was being alone and not having any 05:29 friends in high school can he tell me 05:30 about that I was feeling really scared 05:33 and my affair was actually not to have 05:36 any friends and being alone in the 05:37 corridors and seeing big groups working 05:39 parts and did anyone help you make 05:42 friends and yeah my older sister gave me 05:44 advice to have the confidence in 05:46 yourself and speak up for yourself and 05:49 ask people be alright how are you what's 05:52 your name 05:52 just believe in yourself and is there 05:55 any other ways to make for 05:57 yeah joining clubs is really really good 06:00 one 06:01 thanks and back to the studio one worry 06:03 we all have been going into secondary 06:05 school is being bullied what can people 06:07 do if they're worried about being 06:09 bullied 06:09 well if I were bullied I'd go to a 06:12 teacher or someone I trust and know and 06:14 speak to them well it'd make me feel 06:16 like I'm not alone and that I have 06:18 someone to talk to now that's great 06:20 advice 06:20 who would you speak to first well 06:23 there's a lot of support such as phone 06:25 tutors teachers head teachers there's 06:28 also mentors in the mental room or 06:31 well-being room there's a lot that was a 06:34 wrap for our first special today we've 06:37 been what news network 06:38 what news that means 06:40 [Music] 07:02 you