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EHCP Young People

An Education, Health and Care plan (EHC plan) is a document that describes your educational needs and explains what support you need at school or college, to help you be able to reach your goals.

RIASS can help you with

  • Asking for an EHC Needs Assessment
  • Putting forward your views about the support you feel you need
  • Explaining Local Authority decisions
  • Co- production meetings by attending with you
  • Mediation and Conciliation meetings, by attending with you
  • Annual Review meetings, that happen once a year.
  • Appeals if you do not agree with some decisions

What is an Education, Health and Social Care (EHC) plan? (updated 2019)

Video transcript

What is an education health and social care plan and who is it for in 2014 the Children and Families Act became law and introduced a new system of support which is relevant to parents and carers of children in young people H not 25 you have special educational needs or disabilities this means that there is a requirement to produce education health and care plans or eh CPS using person-centered approaches eh CPS replace statements of special educational needs and what were called learning difficulty assessments two of the key messages featuring in the Children & Families Act are that preparation for adulthood starts in early years just as it does for all other children and providers are required to establish and maintain a culture of high expectations so all children and young people can achieve well this means that goal set should be challenging not just for the children and young people but for the education service providers - this requires plans to have a much wider scope than a statement which generally only addressed the needs of an educational nature the plan should forever possible stretch across four themes learning and future employment hope and independence friends relationships and community and health and well-being local authorities must issue a plan for a child or young person whose needs cannot be met from the expected budget in mainstream schools or settings and for those who attend special schools or specialist colleges Annie HCP has 17 sections labeled a to K each section has a different purpose and it is a legally binding document meaning that certain things in it must happen the contents of the e HCP are intended to be creative and a shared challenge for all those involved in order to achieve the best possible results and outcomes for the child or young person in developing a plan local authorities have a duty to take into account section 19 principals and must have regard to the views wishes and feelings of the child young person or parent the importance of their full participation in decisions the importance of their being provided with the necessary information and support to participate and the need to support the child or young person to achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes preparing them effectively for adulthood how can you find out more or access local services and support you can find out more about the SE ND reforms and the education health and care planning process by visiting the local offer page on your local authority website here you'll be able to find impartial information advice and support and learn about all the services that are available to you parents who require additional support are referred to their local information advice and support service further information including a useful resource on writing good quality EHC plans can be found at council for disabled children org dot uk'

The EHCP and The Person Centred Connection

Video transcript