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You have the right as a young person to get your own information, advice and support. If you are aged 16 – 25 RIASS can give you information, advice and support about getting the right support at school, college or work place.

Most children with SEND can have their needs successfully met in mainstream schools and colleges.

All mainstream schools and colleges are provided with resources to support those students who may need more support than others at school and college. 

IASS video for Children and Young People - what they are/how they can help?

Video transcript

my disability is ADHD I'm glass as a delay so I can't read I can't write I'm 19 years old and I'm completely blind I was diagnosed with autism at 13 I requires AIDS because I was a bit troubled attend to just red lights turn on and floodgates open I start saying a bunch of stuff for the Islay at Comic Con [Music] around the country there are send asses they're stacked a tree so every local authority will have a seventy hours we support families parents carers with young people age not 25 with special educational needs disability we are an impartial service so we're not on any one side and we're there to give parents and young people their choices to provide information on the law so that they've got all the skills and they've got the information and their knowledge that they need in the future to help their young person further sandy s got me into some schools that were better for me than the ones I was in it's reassuring to know that I have options and people I can go to for help if I'm having school issues all astir what do i do even though just help me before I have problems I tell people but then when I started said yes I finally host immerse don't even express myself without having to just hide from everyone I've always struggled with my education because teachers have never really believed in me and they've kind of like always given up on me they used to yell at me and tell me off and I got kicked out multiple times and I've been excluded about twice sendai us were really great with me they helped set up the HTTP plan and thanks to that that's why I get support and that's why I'm a lot more confident I would advise to seek out aid from anyway can get it and sound yes definitely is you need to access and a lot easier to talk to them other alternatives that I've tried I'm just gonna say thank you and thank you for your help and I appreciate what they've done for us and I just can't thank you enough