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Empowerment model

Criteria for face-to-face support 

This is determined by the needs of the parent and the circumstances not ordinarily by capacity of service.


  1. All parents, carers or young people will be made aware of their rights and responsibilities in relation to the CYPA 2014 (Children & Young Persons Act 2014) in the context to which they contact RIASS via whatever means they contact the service e.g. email, helpline etc.
  2. As many parents as possible will be provided with telephone/email advice and guidance and be able to access the information they need in order to represent themselves. This can include RIASS reviewing documents on parents/CYP’s behalf either via email or hard copies and providing feedback and advice accordingly.
  3. Positive trusting relationships will be promoted between parents/CYP and the professionals they are involved with.

Early Years parents will sometimes be directed to Early Years Advisory Service (EYAS) in the first instance if it is considered to be appropriate and parents are happy to do so. These parents will be advised that once they have contacted the EYAS, if they are still concerned they can contact RIASS again. If parents prefer not to contact EYAS and deal with RIASS, the situation will then be assessed re the level and type of support required.

Who will be offered face-to-face support?

  1. Parents with additional needs of their own
  2. Parents requiring support to write their contribution to the EHCP assessment.
  3. Review meetings where:
    1. the placement is at risk
    2. it is a phased transfer and there is uncertainty re next placement
    3. the child has multiple or complex needs and parents are struggling to engage support or necessary services
    4. it is a complex situation at risk of going to SENDisT
    5. following SENDisT decision there are on-going issues re implementation or delivery of the ruling
  4. Other situations as determined by and at the discretion of RIASS as warranting face to face support. RIASS staff will be required to log the circumstances relating to such situations and should be prepared to justify their decision to the Steering Group

Home visits

Will only be carried out if:

  1. The parent is housebound either due to:
    1. their own needs
    2. caring responsibilities for another
    3. the child they are contacting you about is unable to leave the house and it would be unsafe for them to be left
  2. There is no other suitable alternative or accessible place to meet e.g. school, LBR building, coffee shop etc.

The purpose of this is not to be obstructive or make life more difficult for parents but to improve efficiency of RIASS time and reduce the potential risks associated with lone-working.

The terms of this policy may change. This statement was last reviwed July 2020 and is due for review Aug 2021