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RIASS Newsletter - November 2021

Hello and Welcome to the December newsletter from RIASS. This will be our final Newsletter of 2021.

This month is packed full of information on services and consultations that are available in Redbridge. As with any services in the RIASS newsletter we are not endorsing these services but just informing you of them. It would be for yourself to make contact and see if these are suitable for your child/young person.

If you know of any other families who would like to be included in the service’s newsletter and/or email list then please let us know. They do not need to be known to the service. Our newsletter and emails currently reach over 600 people. Please also let us know if you would like to be removed from our emails and newsletters.

RIASS has been asked to share some information from London Borough of Redbridge on Transitions and SEND Consultations that are currently taking place.

The phoneline is open Mon-Fri 10am-2pm. RIASS is a very busy service so you are still able to leave a voicemail on our 24 hour message service.

You can also email the service direct Or visit our Website

The service does have 10 working days to respond to messages and emails but we aim to return contact within 5 working days. If you do not hear from us within the 5 working days we would advise you to recontact us to make sure we were able to collect your message and/or have received your email.

Inside the Newsletter

  • LBR Consultation on SEND Strategy
  • Transition Support Group
  • Out of School Settings
  • SEaTSS Coffee Mornings
  • Ending support with RIASS and Evaluations
  • RIASS Parent Information sessions
  • RIASS Steering Group
  • Social Media and YouTube

LBR Consultation on SEND Strategy

Please see below a message from LBR

Dear Parent/Carer

We are in the process of updating our Special Education and Disability Strategy. We do this every few years to ensure that our services reflect the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders- early years providers, schools, colleges, parents/carer and, of course, young people themselves.

At this stage we are collecting feedback on how things have (or haven’t) been working over the past few years, and seeking views on what we should be doing differently. The link below will take you to our survey and I should be very grateful if you could spend a few minutes completing this. Please ignore the closing date. We are keeping this survey open until 28th January 2022. We are using a different survey for young people.

Transitions Support Group

The next Transition Support group for parent/carers is on 15th December.  Please see the attached flyer

Out of School Settings

RIASS has been involved with a Steering Group within LBR with raising concerns on behalf of parents who access the out of school settings for children. It has been agreed that there are concerns from these private companies delivering this provision especially those who advertised as being inclusive. Where it is impossible to monitor all of the settings that open locally, LBR had produce this information poster for parents on how to rise concerns and what to do if there is safe guarding concerns.

SEaTSS Coffee Mornings

SEATSS are providing coffee mornings which are free and held virtual. The Coffee mornings is your chance to meet specialist staff who support children within schools in Redbridge. You will be able to ask questions and chat with other parents who have children with similar needs as well as the professionals.

RIASS Evaluations and ending support

We have been doing a piece of work on the collection of the evaluations from cases we have closed. You may have been contacted. RIASS closes cases on our database if no contact has been made in the last 3 months. You can still contact RIASS at any time in the future for any new or on going information, advice and support. We close cases after this time in line with GDPR we uphold on the service.

You should receive an email letting you know that we are closing your case and asking for an evaluation form to be completed. The completion of the evaluation helps the us to develop and shape our service so that we can support you better. We are also asked to feedback to DfE the impact that our service has had on the families and evaluations are endorsed by them.

We now have a new and easier way of giving us your feedback, whether its regarding our service or our training. You can completed this at any time even if you are still receiving information, advice, or support from RIASS.

We are also calling families who have provided consent at the start of support.

RIASS Parent Information sessions

RIASS is now in a position to offer our popular Information Sessions to parents from next term. We will be providing the timetable of sessions next month and we have new sessions. These sessions will continue to be online (Zoom) as the take up on attendees to the sessions has increased by over 75%.

RIASS Steering Group

We are still looking for parents to join our Steering Group. Please see attached the advert.

Social Media

Are you following us on social media? Don’t forget to check our RIASS Facebook page or RIASS website for more updates. We also have a YouTube channel. This is still within early stages of development but contains some useful videos for You People including our “ Keeping your Money Safe Online” training we have for Young People. You can go on to YouTube and search “RIASS” and this should take you straight to our channel.

We welcome any feedback on the new Channel whilst we develop this and please let us know the videos that would be useful for you to see.